Some writings about the art of C. Gregory Gummersall:

“Gregory Gummersall’s pictures, paintings, collages and object assemblages form an entire unity with tensions, but still a homogeneous harmony…..Obviously, C. Gregory Gummersall exactly meets the nerve of time with his acrylic and oil paintings…His works reconcile in a convincing way the two main contradictory tendencies of our century – of abstraction and of representation.”

excerpt from: REALITY IS NO ART Dr. Reinhold Misselbeck 1995 Former Curator, Museum Ludwig, Koln, Germany – View full writing here: Reality Is No Art

“Within the postmodern maelstrom, the arts are made up of individuals who hold the aesthetic values and grammar, which, however mutated, make up their unique individuality. C Gregory Gummersall is one such individual.” excerpt from C. Gregory Gummersall – Soul Abstractionist

By Dave Tourje, President, Chouinard Foundation May 2003 – Read Full Article Here: Greg Gummersall-Soul Abstractionist

“The new collage pieces define a wide range of imagery, yet there is a continuity that is sustained….The work has an air of dignity meshed with a pure sense of color and orchestrated form.”

Dennis Yares, Santa Fe Gallery Director/Writer

“I have said Gummersall evokes a sense of play. But this is serious play, play of substance and meaning, play that explores the external and ephemeral in the painter’s game of life.”

Betty Ann Brown. California Art Professor/Curator.

“Gummersall…formulates from the vast, innovative California scene a distinctive style unto himself. He creates his own personal ‘artistic style through the dynamics of his abstract compositions and the use of personal  color.”

Das Kunstmagazin Professor Peter Iden Former Museum Frankfurt Director/writer

“C. Gregory Gummersall’s acrylic/collage on canvas is a study in dripping shapes.  The color achieved using acrylic is unmistakable of the medium – pure color plastination – richly and boldly applied.  The shapes are aggressive, playful, even phallic with their unapologetic drips flowing out of them, completing their form.  In some of his works, the forms peek out from layers of applied paint and collage, others are circles and other infinite shapes combined with the written word and aspects that betray the source of his collage/mixed media materials.”

-Excerpt from Art Scene 6/20/06

“Gummersall’s paintings pulse with bold primary colors that echo the work of the New York School abstract expressionists Jasper Johns, Robert Rauschenburg , and Willem de Kooning. Beyond color, he draws on iconography and philosophies of both Western and Eastern traditions.”

-Emily Sachar, NYC Writer 8-2006

“In his work one sees this spirit of the American West and senses this combination of influence from West Coast artists like John Corbett and Richard Diebenkorn, along with East Coast contemporaries Robert Rauschenberg, Jasper Johns and Cy Twombly. Abstract collage and multi-layered media are used by Gummersall to create his large, expressionistic canvases. His canvases are more subdued like color field painting, and there is an element of minimalism to this recent series of paintings, the muted earth tones and vivid cobalts and reds incorporating chiaroscuro.”

– Leanne Goebel, International Association of Art Critics, USA. Read Full Article Here: Leanne Goebel On Greg Gummersall